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Such a Shame | Apr 12, 2018 | No Justice

Such a shame and a waste of life. This week a 5 yr old girl and an 8 yr old boy were shot. They were innocent victims of a drive-by off Scott Street and Wheeler Avenue in Houston. Sure, they caught the 18 yr old gang member who had an illegal firearm. But, it seems that no one really cares besides family and friends. No outcry, no vigils of any account. No calls to crack down on gangs or violence in the poorer neighborhoods or more police patrols. I am saddened that it didn’t seem like such a big deal. A famous book character put it best. “Everybody counts or nobody…

Hollywood and The Black Community

Hollywood, a liberal group, preaches equality, fairness, respect and more regarding race. While watching Chicago PD tonight I noticed that 90% of the black characters were criminals. (2 black police with speaking roles) Every other black character was a drug dealer or murderer. How is that building self-respect or even showing respect? Does a young man or woman of color with acting aspirations consider being a successful actor mean they will be a pimp, drug dealer, gang banger on tv someday? The black community deserves more. Day in and day out Hollywood enhances any negative stereotypes that people have by the way they cast….